Live On 65 – Meet David Shen

A lot of business was done. A lot of fun was had. Acronym’s mini Asia tour as sponsors of ClickZ Live took in Hong Kong, Bangkok and finished in Singapore. And what a convenient place to have the [...]

Live Off 65 – Meet Daniel Wu

There’s definitely an Asia leaning in this edition of TMN. Having sponsored a number of conferences, including at venues in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore this year, Acronym also partnered with [...]

Meet David Shen Video Transcript

Mike Grehan:              Hi, and welcome to what is frequently known as Live on 65, but every now and again—when I can’t get somebody to do my bidding and come and see me in New York—I [...]

Jim Sterne Interview Transcript

Pt 2 Mike:               So, here we are back again, live at eMetrics in Boston. Which is the 64th eMetrics and the series around the planet. With me is Jim Sterne. So, we touched on how this all [...]

Jim Sterne Interview Transcript

Pt. 1 Mike:               Hi, and welcome to what is a very different edition of Live on 65. And in fact this is the very first Live Off 65, which means that I am able to leave the 65th floor of [...]

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