Global Online Population to Rise 40% By 2014

Singapore. The UK. China. All around the world, we’re seeing proof of how e-commerce and ad spend is on the rise.

Now, the latest numbers might be just what you need to convince your company to take advantage of these opportunities in a big way.

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China: Is There Room for a Third Engine?

The Chinese search market has long been all about Baidu, with Google a distant second. But now, new developments mean the door may be cracking open to welcome a third player.

Find out who’s trying to sneak in – and what that means for your business.

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26% Increase in Online Ad Spend in Singapore

And search is leading the way!

If you’re not marketing in Asia, it’s time to get on-board – fast. The latest numbers indicate strong new revenue opportunities with tremendous potential for growth, so what are you waiting for?

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Keyword-Driven Marketing for B2B

B2B marketing often lacks the glitz and glamour of the B2C world, but that’s no excuse
for failing to create engaging user experiences. As Mike Grehan explains, even a “titanium
dioxide manufacturer” can be compelling online when mixed with a little Keyword-Driven
Marketing. Could KDM be the missing piece in the B2B marketing puzzle?

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